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Free Printables for Playing Library!

Free Printables for Playing Library!

Imaginary play is an important part of a child’s development. It helps them to learn about the world around them and to explore their own creativity. One way to encourage imaginary play is by setting up a pretend library in your home. Playing library is even more fun can be done with simple printable signs, cards, and other materials that we have provided for you below!

With these printables, your child can create their own library card, check out books, and even play the role of librarian! Who knew playing library could be so fun? We did!

This is a great activity for rainy days or anytime your child needs a little boost of imagination. So set up your pretend library today and let the fun begin!

Library Birthday Party

A library birthday party is a great way to celebrate your child’s love of books! With our printable signs and cards, you can easily set up a pretend library in your home for the party. Your child and their guests will enjoy playing library by checking out books, playing the role of librarian, and more. A library party makes grab bags easy too. Buy a selection of books and each child can choose a book instead of a goodie bag.

Fun Things You Can Add to Your Imaginary Library

-Pillows and cushions for comfy seating

-A basket filled with stuffed animals or dolls for story time

-A small table and chairs for the librarian’s desk

-An ink pad and date stamp

Desk bell

Great Books About Libraries

Before your kids get to work in their imaginary library, take a few minutes to read them a book about libraries. Three books to start off your playtime right are:

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Izzy Goes to the Library by Vettania Clark

Pete the Cat Checks Out the Library by James Dean

What Do Our Playing Library Printables Include?

Your free printable kit includes:

  • Library cards
  • Overdue book notices
  • Book checkout log
  • Library signs
  • Library nametags with job titles and without

Download Your Printables for Playing Library

All the pages in this kit are meant to be printed single sided. Some you can get away using regular paper but the signs and library cards will be best if printed on cardstock. Don’t have a printer? You can download the pdf onto a memory stick and take it into Staples or your library to print. Easy peasy! Your kids will be playing library in no time!

Click on the image below to access the printable pdf.

playing library printable cover page

So much fun for a party or anytime. Encouraging imaginary play is a great way to help your child developmentally. It allows them to explore their creativity, learn about the world around them, and have fun!

Visiting the REAL Library

Don’t forget that nothing beats a trip to the real library to get kids excited about reading. Make sure to check out the schedule for your local library. They often have craft days, reading times and more to fill up long summer days (or any time). Many of these activities are free or low cost. It’s a great way to get out of the house and make learning fun. In fact, visiting the library is one of the squares on our Fun Things to Do In the Summer With Kids Printable!

Don’t Forget to Pin it for Later!

Pinterest pin showing images of the Pretend Play Library Printables kit.

Have you ever set up a pretend library in your home? What other pretend printables would you like to see? Share your photos and tips with us in the comments below! We’d love to see what you’ve created and hear your ideas for more great pretend play printables we can share with you!