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Laundry Schedule Free Printable

Laundry Schedule Free Printable

Does your laundry seem like a never ending chore? It’s the same at our house. Print off this handy Laundry Schedule printable to get (and stay) on top of your laundry pile without going crazy. We’ll help you divide and conquer so that your laundry is done without a day chained to the washing machine for the entire day and your family won’t be yelling for clean underwear. You’ll have your laundry routine down in no time!

While it may seem smart to have one laundry day instead of doing laundry through out the week, it actually helps to do daily laundry instead. That way you have a small amount of clothes to deal with and the clean clothes have a better chance of making it out of the laundry room and back into drawers.

folded laundry sitting on a white chair.

Laundry Collection

In our house we have a laundry basket in each bedroom so each person can put their dirty laundry in. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean that all the dirty clothes make it into the basket. Instead, I always ask each family member to bring their own laundry basket to me so that they can gather any last minute items off the floor. Then I return the clean laundry to them to be put away as part of their household chores.

Now, if your kids are older, it is also a great idea to teach them to do their own laundry. If you decide to do that, you can add them into the laundry schedule. Knowing how to do laundry is a key life skill that kids need to learn before they leave home!

One of my biggest struggles with laundry is remembering to fold that last load of laundry in the dryer. Setting a timer helps a lot but often towels sit in the dryer all week. It’s much easier to get one load of laundry started and completed in one day when I only do one load at a time. It is MUCH easier.

Not sure you have room for multiple laundry baskets, laundry hampers or a rolling laundry cart in your laundry room or common area is another way to gather laundry but make sure everyone is on board to bring their laundry to them or you will end up with tons of dirty clothes in your family’s bedroom.

Laundry Tips

  • When in doubt, wash in cold. Today’s laundry detergents are formulated to work just as well in cold water AND you save money!
  • If you have a front load washer, wipe the gasket between each load to cut down on mildew.
  • Determine if your washing machine has a filter (it probably does) and how to clean it.
  • Always clean out the lint screen between each dryer load and clean the exhaust once per year.
  • Never overload your washer or your dryer. Your clothes don’t come as clean and it is hard on the machines.

Washing Your Face Mask

Using a cloth mask these days? You can throw it in the washing machine with your regular laundry with normal laundry detergent. You can usually throw them in the dryer too. Just watch out for scented products or bleach because the smell can cause irritation.

Laundry Frequency

Wondering how often you should wash items around your house? You should check out our free Laundry Frequency printable!

Printing Your Laundry Schedule

Print off your laundry schedule by clicking here – Printable Laundry Schedule or on the image below. You can print in color or black and white. I recommend printing on cardstock or framing the printable for hanging in your laundry room. Don’t have a printer? You can download the pdf onto a memory stick and take it into Staples or your library to print. Easy peasy (and FREE)!

printable laundry schedule